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Fundamentals of reversed heat engine cycles, refrigeration's, refrigeration load and the unit of refrigeration, Vapor-compression and absorption refrigeration cycles, air refrigeration cycles, vacuum refrigeration, refrigeration by thermo-electricity, heat pumps, components of a refrigeration plant, capacity control of refrigeration components, consideration of the requirements of refrigeration equipment to be used in air conditioning processes. 

Prerequisite: MENG245

Storage structures and memory allocations. Primitive data structures. Data abstraction and Abstract Data Types.  Array and  record structures. Sorting algorithms and quick sort.Linear & binary search. Complexity of algorithms. String processing. Stacks & queues; stack operations, implementation of recursion, polish notation and arithmetic expressions.Queues and implementation methods. Dequeues & priority queues. Linked storage representation and linked-lists. Doubly linked lists and circular lists. Binary trees. Tree traversal algorithms. Tree searching. General trees. Graphs; terminology, operations on graphs and traversing algorithms.