Faculty of Business & Economics

The general aim of the course is to acquaint students with the findings of the researches on women, men and the work in the labor market. The main topics are: factors determining economic status of women and men, changing roles of women and men in a changing economy, the family as an economic unit, allocation of time between the household and labor market, gender dıfferences in occupatıon and earnings, and the theories on gender differences.

The course concentrates basically on the statistics and introduction to the basic econometrics that covers hypothesis testing procedures, regression analyses.

This course aims to teach the features of electronic finance (E-finance). The technology is growing up very fast and the financial institutions are trying to adopt themselves to the changing technology in order to meet the customer’s demands. Applying the financial transactions in the electronic environment will bring many benefits to the participants however many risks as well. Specifically, this course will examine the new services and products offered by electronic finance and the impacts of this new technology on financial markets, institutions and financial customers.