E-Banking And Finance Masters Program (without thesis)

    The Banking and Finance Department is currently preparing 300 students for the high demands of the banking and finance sector. The Department has collaboration agreements with Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB) and John Deutsch International Executive Program (JDI) of Queen's University.

    The online masters program for executives in banking and finance gives the candidates a chance of becoming experts in their selected areas of expertise. Some of these areas are project financing, corporate financing, investment appraisal, financial investments, international finance, risk assessment, personal finance, and residential mortgage loans. The graduates will have the most up-to-date knowledge in banking and finance sector, and they will have the communication skills and analytical thinking abilities to apply this knowledge to solve recent problems faced in the sector.

     The 10-courses and the project online program can be completed with a part-time schedule. Students can take some of their elective courses on-line from the Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB) to obtain a professional diploma called AICB while they are completing their master's degree in Banking and Finance at EMU. This enables the graduates of this program to find jobs more easily in the international markets.

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