Announcement - About the Learning Management System (LMS) and MS Teams

Dear Academic Staff,

As announced before, the University Administration has decided to conduct educational activities at our university online through the use of digital facilities during the Fall Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year. It is expected that the learning-teaching environment provided to our students in the current period be supported by rich content, activities and materials. The courses to be offered online should be planned as Synchronous and Asynchronous, and include both methods. Synchronous activities of the courses will be carried out as live lessons / meeting hours with the students by adhering to our course schedule via MS Teams. Asynchronous activities should also be in the form of videos of the classes that have been delivered synchronously and the materials you have prepared about the course before (i.e. videos, lecture notes, supplementary information about the course, study documents, quiz, forum, project, etc.).

Videos and guidelines will be shared with you at or (the page we are currently in) for conducting your classes and developing materials.

Our expectations from you in the current academic year are as follows:

  1. The entire content of your courses should be regularly included in the Learning Management System, which the students should be encouraged to use.
  2. The entire content of your courses and the assessment-evaluation processes must be shared in the LMS.
  3. The course syllabus and information about the course should be shared with the students at the beginning of the semester in the courses created in the LMS. It is essential to provide the students with the content to be presented asynchronously as well as the educational content (videos about the course, course presentations, reading texts, research topics, book chapters, etc.) for each week.
  4. Homework, discussions, quizzes, projects and similar tasks should be planned to ensure regular follow up of the students and attention should be paid to keep students active outside class hours.
  5. During live class hours, the class hours specified in the course timetables must be adhered to. Live class hours are expected to be shared with students after the live lessons are over. The instructors should download the video of the recorded class hour at the end of the class, upload it to OneDrive, and share the course link on the LMS with their students.
  6. The attendance records of our courses should be planned to appear on the LMS. Preferably, it is recommended that the students fill in the attendance in the LMS, download and save the participant list added to the MS Teams application in live lessons and cross-check it with the LMS system.
  7. You should consider the possibility of having more questions from your students in online environments, take care to answer students' questions as quickly as possible, and pay attention to use methods that will make students active and increase interaction in our classes.
  8. You can contact the Distance Education Institute for all your requests and inquiries regarding your courses.

Reminder 1: Please do not make any changes such as the course title and course short title in the "edit course settings" section on the LMS. These information are automatically taken from the portal and created, accordingly. Therefore, if you make any changes, your course will be re-created (originally empty) in the next update (automatically) and it will be seen as if no additions have been made.

Reminder 2: Since our courses on the LMS will operate synchronously with the portal, changes made on the portal pertaining to adding / removing students, changing student groups, etc. will be handled by the system. A certain amount of time must pass for the changes to be displayed. These changes will not be reflected on MS Teams. Changes will have to be made manually by the instructors. 

LMS and MS Teams Support Guidelines and Videos

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